StepAhead Carpet Cushion with Nike Grind

StepAhead Carpet Cushion with Nike Grind
Green Living + Great Performance

Green Living + Great Performance

Can byproducts be reincarnated? They can with StepAhead. Nike provides Future Foam with Nike Grind, a clean surplus shoe scrap material that we refine into StepAhead carpet cushion. This is a more conscientious manufacturing process for both Nike and Future Foam. The result is a greener, higher performance approach to the surfaces where people walk and live. In other words, a win-win. Find out more about Nike Grind »

Nike Salvages Clean Shoe Scrap
Future Foam
Future Foam Refines This Manufacturing Surplus
& Transforms It Into
Step Ahead Premium Carpet Cushion
Premium 8-pound pad provides 7/16 inches of Cushiony Comfort
X Meets low VOC emission criteria
For better indoor air quality
Globe Your purchase helps save millions of pounds of scrap from landfills each year
Industry leading Water Moisture barrier protects your subfloor
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